“Practically perfect in every way.”

7 Oct

Robert got an early birthday present on Sunday!

A 4-month-old Great Dane puppy! That’s right – a BIG puppy! We got her from a friend whose other dog wasn’t as fond of the pup as we are…

Miss Lady Poppins

Miss Lady Poppins

After church, we picked Robert up from GG & Papa and took him to meet the dog. He was so excited and kept talking about the dog and her being “Bobert’s” (what he calls himself). We brought her home and she did very well with both Robert and our other dogs, Wendy and Louie. She followed Robert all over the backyard and he loved every minute of it! We’ve decided to call her Lady and what a sweet little lady she is! Robert wanted to call her Poppins since he is currently obsessed with watching Mary Poppins, so we opted for Lady Poppins. Mary just didn’t fit as a first name.

Everyone has been getting along and Robert loves Lady! He calls her “Bobert’s dog” most of the time, but will say Lady too if he sees her out the window or hears her. He likes telling her bye in the mornings before we leave and (in his own language) tells her that he’ll see her later. It’s very sweet and I think they are going to have a lot of fun growing up together!


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