“It’s true wherever you find love it feels like Christmas…”

4 Nov



Downtown Disney @ Disneyland Resort, Christmas 2008

I know it’s only November 4th and here I am blogging about Christmas, but with all of the decorations going up in stores and the windows of businesses it’s hard not to think about. I’ve even been hearing a few “holiday” ads on the radio and have been told some of the stations are mixing in Christmas songs. And I saw my first Christmas TV commercial this morning! Of course, I LOVE Christmastime so I don’t really mind all of this. 😀



My wife & I outside of Haunted Mansion Holiday @ Disneyland, December 2008

In fact, I was excited when I went to Target earlier last month and saw them puttingout the Christmas decorations right beside theHalloween decor. After all, it was that very thing that inspired Tim Burton to create The Nightmare Before Christmas, my all-time favorite Disney/Burton film! What an idea to combine the worlds of Halloween and Christmas, and the best way to truly experience this is by visiting Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland Park! ºOº

I was finally able to experience Haunted Mansion Holiday when we went to Disneyland after Christmas last year and it was amazing!!!! Don’t know what Haunted Mansion Holiday is? Well, check out this blog post from the Disney Parks Blog and be sure to watch the special video about the Haunted Mansion! I really hope they bring HMH to Walt Disney World someday soon!

Ahhhh, Christmas… 🙂


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