Exciting News to Share!

1 Aug

Jen had her 19 week prenatal appointment this past Monday and we were able to find out what we’ll be having this December!  To announce this to our extended family and friends, Jen wrote a very creative poem…

Will it be sugar and spice?
Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?!
Or snips and snails?
All the pirates could set sail!

We DO have exciting news to share.
We know what clothes this baby will wear.
It looks like we’ll have extra shopping to do,
To buy some pink for our sea of blue.

Robert is thrilled that he’s getting a sister,
Even though he’s not quite sure what to do with her.
Mermaids are what he says her favorites will be.
Mommy is hoping for a princess or a fairy.

William doesn’t know what to think.
He’ll just have to get used to the color pink.
Daddy is certain he won’t get much sleep,
And vows when she’s older, he’ll lock her in a keep.

We’re all excited to have a princess
And an additional kiddo to add to the mess.
Ribbons, and bows, and dresses galore
Should be making their debut on December twenty-four!

It’s a girl!


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