So, this just happened…

4 Aug

While trying to get some things out of the attic, I inadvertently stepped in the one small section that did not have a board over it, thus causing my left foot to go right through the ceiling and into our master bedroom. Luckily, I caught myself and only fell through up to my knee.

While I did curse, the good Lord translated my, “Oh, sh*t!” to simply a loud “OWW!” We asked Robert what he heard when I fell and he said, “Daddy screamed, ‘oww’ really loud.” Whew!

Thankfully, as my optimistic wife pointed out, a) the hole isn’t that big, b) it happened in our bedroom and not one of the kids, and c) I didn’t get hurt. Other than my pride of course. Sigh… Now to clean up the mess and patch the hole in the ceiling.


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