Halloween in May

20 May

Madame Leota

For the past couple of years our family has been celebrating Halloween in May. Much like Christmas in July, Halloween in May gives us a chance to enjoy our favorite holiday films, as well a few traditions without waiting an entire year before Halloween comes around. A few years back, the Disney Channel aired a “Halloween in May” special, which inspired me to celebrate this unofficial holiday time.

Why celebrate Halloween in May? Why not? Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yes, I love it more than Christmas, and I LOVE Christmas. 😀 I have always enjoyed it, and luckily, my oldest son gets into the Halloween spirit as much as his Daddy. This is what led me to unofficially celebrate it each May. I prefer to celebrate the “13 Days of Halloween in May,” from May 19 until May 31. This gives us thirteen days of spooktacular fun.

We like to watch some of our favorite Halloween movies and look for new ones. Did you know Netflix has a variety of Halloween movies available for online streaming? We found DreamWorks Spooky Stories this weekend and enjoyed the funny trio of animated Halloween tales. I also break out the Halloween mugs for my morning coffee and get the kids’ Halloween dishes out for them to eat dinner on. It’s all about fun and doing something out of the ordinary to add a little magic to our lives. 🙂

Will you be celebrating Halloween in May this year? 

Keep up with our family’s festivities on my Halloween in May Facebook page:


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