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Colorful Toes

24 Oct

Daddy: “Elisabeth, what did you do?”

Elisabeth (2): “I color on my toes.”


This is my life.

“I want Darth Vader”

13 Aug

The first thing William (1.5 years) said to me when I walked in the door this evening was, “I want Darth Vader! Bum bum bum bum bum bummm.” This meant that he wanted my iPhone to watch Disney Parks’ Darth Vader goes to Disneyland on YouTube for the hundredth time. He’s become quite obsessed with this 1:30 minute video and walks around the house singing “The Imperial March” and breathing like Darth Vader. It’s actually quite amusing. 😀


Darth Vader visits the Disneyland Resort

Then, after leaving the dinner table William ran to the living room and said, “I want to ride!” When I asked him what he wanted to ride he told me, “the Monorail.” 🙂

It sounds like someone is ready to go back to Walt Disney World.

Vampires in the Snow

3 Mar

The following conversation took place between myself and my five-year-old this morning. I love the reasoning that children have for things. 🙂

Me: “Why are there knots in the shoestrings on my boots?”

Robert: “Because I was trying to wear them to play.”

Me: “What are you playing?”

Robert: “Vampires.”

Me: “Okay. Why do vampires need to wear boots?”

Robert: “Because they’re black and vampires like dark. And I’m going to play in the snow with the other vampires.”

After I untangled the shoestrings on my boots, I laced them up for Robert and he put on a pair of gloves to enjoy snowball fights with his imaginary vampire friends. Yep, he’s my son alright.


Kids Get It

5 Feb

Last night while we were sharing our best and worst parts of the day, Robert told us that his best part of the day was spending time with God. He told us that he played with God outside and felt God while he was at the Writing Center in his class….

I felt something warm and I thought, “is God in my shirt?”

I am thankful that our oldest son already feels God’s love and gets it, even at 5-years-old. ♥

Beautiful Prayers

16 Nov

Each night, we take turns saying prayers with our oldest son.

After I finished saying prayers with Robert tonight, I paused for him to say his own prayers.  A few seconds later he said, “oh, sorry Daddy.  Those were beautiful prayers and I fell asleep for a few minutes.”  I chuckled to myself and then he told me, “my prayers will be short because I am a little bit tired.”

These are the moments I love. 🙂

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