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It’s Me and You, Boy

12 Mar

I had a reflective moment during this morning’s commute to school. As usual Robert and I were listening to one of my Disney CDs, when “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story came on. We started singing along and I asked Robert if he remembered singing it when he was little on the way to preschool. He told me he didn’t and as I reminisced about my big boy during his preschool years he asked me to put the song on repeat. We continued to sing along as the song played again and again, and I thought about him growing up just as Andy did since the first Toy Story.


When Toy Story was released in 1995 I was 14-years-old. I remember buying the soundtrack after falling in love with the music. I listened to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” on repeat myself, thinking of the friendship Andy had with his beloved toys. Now almost twenty years later, the lyrics have a deeper meaning for me, especially after having three children.

If you’ve got troubles, I’ve got ’em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together and can see it through
Cause you’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me

Some other folks might be
A little bit smarter than I am
Big and stronger too, maybe
But none of them will ever love you
The way I do, it’s me and you, boy

As parents we would do anything for our children. Listening to the lyrics now and thinking about Andy’s relationship with Woody makes me realize that Woody was like a father figure to Andy. He was always there for him and Andy was able to make Sheriff Woody the hero in his life. That is a lot to live up to as a parent, but I will do my best to be my children’s hero.

There isn’t anything Mommy or I wouldn’t do for you, Robert. And the same goes for William, Elisabeth, and your new sister once she joins us in a few months. No one will ever love any of you the way your Mommy and I do.


DISTherapy’s 30 Days to 30 Years | Epcot 2010

29 Sep

My friends at DISTherapy have been celebrating 30 Days to 30 Years this month to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot. This post was originally publishing on DISTherapy as my submission for the series.

Our family’s visit to Walt Disney World Resort in May 201o was full of many firsts. This was the first trip to WDW that my sister-in-law, Katie, had been on with us. In fact, it was her very first visit to WDW ever. It was our oldest (and only child at the time) son’s first visit to Epcot. His first visit to WDW was in October 2009. It was also everyone’s first time attending Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

Robert waiting for the gates to open
Epcot | May 2010

We decided to visit Epcot on our second day in WDW. After a full day at Magic Kingdom Park, we were not sure how our son, Robert, would do. This was his first visit to Epcot and we knew it would be another busy day. Robert was 2 1/2 at the time and had already visited WDW the previous October for his First Visit. He was excited to see “the big ball” that he had seen when we approached Epcot. We decided that Spaceship Earth would be the perfect first ride for Robert and my sister-in-law, Katie.

Waiting to go in Spaceship Earth
Epcot | May 2010

Our family has been visiting WDW since 2007 as Disney Vacation Club members, but it was not until 2010 that we had ever been down when Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival was going on. We were very excited to see the fantastic  topiary displays and flower and garden displays.

Robert and Scar
Epcot | May 2010

Stitch! One of my wife’s favorite characters.
Epcot | May 2010

With a 2 1/2-year-old, we spent a lot of time at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion during our visit.  We didn’t mind though.  It was cool inside the Pavilion and there was enough to keep him occupied and entertained.

Hanging out with Bruce
Epcot | May 2010

We made our way over to World Showcase right around lunchtime.  My wife and I love eating in the Germany Pavilion, so we all headed there for a quick bite of schnitzel and brats.

The Bavarian Village in the Germany Pavilion feels like home
Epcot | May 2010

Biergarten restaurant is our favorite!
Epcot | May 2010

Katie enjoying a German beer
Epcot | May 2010

My sister, Ashley, enjoying a bratwurst and German beer
Epcot | May 2010

After lunch, we made our way around World Showcase. It was nice to take our time in each of the international pavilions around the World Showcase Lagoon. Robert fell asleep, so we casually strolled along enjoying more magical topiary displays.

Nap time for Robert
Epcot | May 2010

Beauty and the Beast
Epcot | May 2010

Lumiere and Chip
Epcot | May 2010

We headed to the Imagination! Pavilion when we finished touring World Showcase. I have fond memories of this Pavilion as a child, with it being home to one of my favorite attractions, Journey into Imagination. I still miss Dreamfinder and do not enjoy Journey Into Imagination With Figment nearly as much as the original. Robert seemed to enjoy it, however, and even wanted his own Figment plush. His Papa happily bought it for him. Nothing like spoiling your grandchildren in WDW!

Robert buckled Figment in his stroller and pushed him around
Epcot | May 2010

Since Robert was being so good (and was well rested from his nap), we took him over to Epcot Character Spot to see his favorite characters.  The Character Spot is a GREAT way to see the “fab five” while waiting in a cool, air-conditioned building.

Luckily, Robert has never been shy around the characters
Epcot | May 2010

“Hi, Donald!”
Epcot | May 2010

Robert was very excited to see Mickey!
Epcot | May 2010

After visiting with our friends, we let my parents,  sister and brother-in-law take Robert to Innoventions. I had made dinner reservations at Les Chefs de France for myself, my wife and my sister-in-law. We were celebrating their birthdays and thought Les Chefs de France would be the perfect place to celebrate. My family isn’t big on French cuisine, so they did not mind taking Robert to explore more of the park. 

Epcot | May 2010

My Belle & I
Epcot | May 2010

Following dinner, the three of us meandered around being tourists and enjoying our time in the France Pavilion.

Tourists in love
Epcot | May 2010

Feeling oh so French
Epcot | May 2010

They say Paris is the city of love….
Epcot | May 2010

We met back up with my parents, sister and brother-in-law and went to find a spot to watch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. This is by far my favorite fireworks show in WDW.

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
Epcot | May 2010

With so much excitement and firsts, this visit to Epcot is full of many magical memories for me and my family.

Back in our room at Caribbean Beach. That was one tired boy!
Epcot | May 2010

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30 Days to 30 Years

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday | Animal Kingdom Surprise

27 Jun

Four random photos from our Disney Social Media Moms trip appeared in the photo stream on my iPhone yesterday. The funny thing is, they didn’t appear at the time I took them and I was disappointed. What a nice surprise to have them back! Of the four, this one was my favorite. I’m glad to have this self-portrait shot of myself and William. We were waiting on big brother Robert, Mommy and Grammie Sue to get off of Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. William had just woken up and I snapped this of myself and him. He was still a little sleepy, but what a sweet face!

Daddy and William at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Wordless Wednesday | Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

6 Jun

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Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

18 May


My recaps from Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration will be coming soon, I promise.

In the mean time, check out some of my photos from the magical event on Facebook.

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