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Kind of a big deal

7 Jul

I am very excited to announce that MagicalDaddy.com is now featured on Alltop!  I received an email from Alltop this morning letting me know that my blog has been added to the Parenting topic on their website.

Here is a screenshot from Alltop’s Top Parenting News page:

We’re featured on Alltop!

The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you… You can think of Alltop as the “online magazine rack” of the web. We’ve subscribed to thousands of sources to provide “aggregation without aggravation.” To be clear, Alltop pages are starting points—they are not destinations per se. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance your online reading by displaying stories from sources that you’re already visiting plus helping you discover sources that you didn’t know existed.

You can read more about Alltop here: http://alltop.com/about/

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