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Monstober Monday

8 Oct

Monstober is back on Disney Channel! If there is one thing our family loves during the holidays, it’s Disney specials. We haven’t seen many of this year’s special episodes since they premiere after our boys are in bed, but we have been enjoying past Halloween episodes of our favorite shows.

Our oldest son is at home sick with Daddy today, so he and I are having a Monstober Monday! 🙂 We were able to see Jake and the Neverland Pirates Tricks, Treats and Treasure/Season of the Sea Witch and Phineas and Ferb That’s the Spirit/Curse of Candace this morning. Both premiered last year, but we had a good time watching them again.

I know I am looking forward to more Halloween episodes of our favorite Disney Junior and Disney Channel shows!

Check out the full Monstober Schedule on Disney Channel!

Amusing Kid Musings

10 Jun

The following conversation was a highlight of our weekend…

After drinking ice cold milk, our 4-year-old said, “That’s so cold I freeze my testicles.”
My wife: “What?”
Robert: “It’s so cold, I freeze my testicles.”
Me: “Where have you heard that?”
Robert: “I’m an octopus. I have 8 arms–testicles.”
My wife: “Ohhh! Tentacles.”

Yes, my wife and I both had a good laugh over this one. Robert and I have been watching The Octonauts on Disney Junior. I forgot there was a cold octopus the other day. Apparently, he thinks cold tentacles are pretty funny. 🙂

Our silly 4-year-old, Robert

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