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What’s Your Disney Side?

30 Sep


This morning Thomas Smith, Social Media Director, Disney Parks, shared a first look at Disney Side. Disney’s newest online destination, DisneySide.com, allows you to share your own Disney side and see what is being shared and talked about online by others.

Beginning today, you’ll be hearing a lot more about the idea of showing your Disney side – the side of you that says “yes” more often, laughs louder and lives life to the fullest. It’s the side of you that embraces fun and comes out to play the moment you step through the gates at Disney Parks.

Everyone has a Disney side. And this morning, Disney Parks Blog readers are among the first to see our premiere television spot featuring one family’s galactic Disney side.

Our family definitely has a Disney side, and this new marketing campaign is spot on! Our children take imaginary trips to Walt Disney World and listen to music from Disney Parks and movies almost every time we are in the car. My own Disney side is no secret either. My coworkers often remark on my “Disney office,” with Mickey Mouse everywhere from my coffee mug to artwork, to Vinylmation figures and other toys strewn about my desk and bookshelves.

This little obsession all started with a Mouse

This little obsession all started with a Mouse

What’s your Disney side? Let me know in the comments.

Have a magical day!

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