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Vampires in the Snow

3 Mar

The following conversation took place between myself and my five-year-old this morning. I love the reasoning that children have for things. 🙂

Me: “Why are there knots in the shoestrings on my boots?”

Robert: “Because I was trying to wear them to play.”

Me: “What are you playing?”

Robert: “Vampires.”

Me: “Okay. Why do vampires need to wear boots?”

Robert: “Because they’re black and vampires like dark. And I’m going to play in the snow with the other vampires.”

After I untangled the shoestrings on my boots, I laced them up for Robert and he put on a pair of gloves to enjoy snowball fights with his imaginary vampire friends. Yep, he’s my son alright.



(Almost) Wordless Wednesday | Happy Birthday, Uncle Walt!

5 Dec

Walter Elias Disney was born on this day in 1901. Happy Birthday to our dear, beloved Uncle Walt! You gave so much to the world and we are eternally grateful for your innovation and imagination. ºoº.•:*¨¨*:•.ºoº

Here are just a few photos of this marvelous man….


*All photos taken from the Disney Parks Blog. For more photos celebrating Walt’s birthday, click here.

Focused on the Magic

Robert’s Creation Story

16 Jul

Robert’s “Monster Family”
*We edited this together with Picasa

The following conversation took place over breakfast the other morning.  My oldest son, Robert, shared his actual creation story with me.

R: “Oh, by the way Daddy, you and Mommy are not my real parents.”

Me: “Oh, we’re not?”

R: “No,  my real parents are monsters and they made me.  I am a robot boy.”

Me: “You are?”

R: “Yes, my monster mommy and daddy made me like a robot.  We lived at Disney World on the Jack Sparrow ride, in the part where the fire is, but it’s not real fire.  Daddy, when did you and Mommy go to Disney World?  Just you and Mommy?”

Me: “The last time Mommy and I went to Disney World by ourselves was in January of 2011.”

R: “Yes.  Well, my monster mommy and daddy made me and then made me invisible so I could get in mommy’s belly and drink from the little straw (umbilical cord).  Then they put me in Mommy’s belly when you and Mommy went on the Jack Sparrow ride.”

Me: “Oh, really?”

R: “Yes.  My monster mommy and daddy wanted to go on vacation so they gave me to you and Mommy to take care of.”

Me: “Well, you’re 4-years-old, so they have been on vacation for four years.  That’s a long vacation.”

R: “I know.  When I was riding in Gigi’s car the other day I was looking out the window at the sun and I saw my monster mommy and daddy.  They were on vacation in heaven with Jesus.”

Me: “Wow.  Well, they must be having fun on their vacation.”

R: “They are.”

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