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Colorful Toes

24 Oct

Daddy: “Elisabeth, what did you do?”

Elisabeth (2): “I color on my toes.”


This is my life.

The Working Mom

13 Oct

My lovely wife has started a new blog series on our family blog, LifeIsFunWithKids.com. I’m excited to see where this takes her and I’m very proud of her first post, Staying strong amidst the chaos.

Source: The Working Mom

Life Is Fun With Kids

16 Apr


My wife and I have finally decided to start a family blog to share the chaos, er, fun of our life with four kids. Because, when you have four kids, you need one more thing on your plate. 🙂

I am building the site this month, so please check out our social media channels in the meantime:

Thank you, family and friends, for your support! We’re excited to share more of our family adventures with you.


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